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A person who is, relatively, self-sufficient and has a few close friends. As opposed to extroverts who are needy and have no friends but dozens of acquaintances.
As an introvert, John was comfortable holing up for several days working on his term papers.
by diplod December 06, 2010
verb: to punish for politically incorrectness yet the politically protected get away with.

more generally: to punish for being politically incorrect
Clinton was not imussed for being sexy with a 19yr-old.

"White Men can't Jump" is not punished.
Afro-Americans can't read is imussed.

Duke lacrosse players were imussed.
Duke accuser is not punished.
by diplod April 14, 2007
A pari-pubescent female. In recent years the age has declined from about 14 to about 11 due to earlier menarche. (see also pederasty)
Poonettes are the primary fans of Britney Spears. They wear training bras and are ogled by 12-year-old males as well as stultified 35+.
by diplod April 14, 2007

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