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a crap circle around the neck, usually left after insertion of head into anothers rectum.
After Sammy stuck his head as far as it would go up Mikeys butt, there was a crap circle rectal collar in the same place most people would wear a necklace.
by diogio rome November 10, 2008
1. One who has shit for brains.

2. A person who has no thoughts but crappy thoughts.

3. Any person whose cranium is full of excrement from ear to ear.

1. Casey the contractor put on airs that he was a thinker but was just another excrementalist.

2. George Bush was the greatest excrementalist ever to serve as president of the U.S.A.

3. Austin the terrorist yard decorator couldn't keep a job, couldn't get girls, only rented from his granny, smoked pot like a chimney and was Santa Rosa's most lame and pitiful excrementalist.
by diogio rome April 15, 2009
A name change for morally bankrupt Stanleys which heralds that they've slipped down the slippery slope of lifetime scamming (picking up disability by loophole and not by real need and other forked tongue invertebrae behaviours) as well as talking the talk without walking the walk.
Stanley hissed and moaned when the tribe started calling him Scamley after he'd pulled off his social security fraud, moved to Clearlake and pretended to follow the red road under completely false pretenses.
by diogio rome May 10, 2009
the dark side of "Mothers Day" which gives just due to Mother Flockers who've lost dignity and worth and will forever poison the sweet waters and oceans of truth, justice and friendship.
Sam and Betsy escaped to Aromas leaving dependent cats and fish abandoned, just in time to celebrate "Muthas Day" as they enjoyed the bad karma and cosmic curses which their weak lifetimes of dishonesty, vampirism and using family and friends had brought them.
by diogio rome May 10, 2009
1. the orifice which lurks below female pubic hair.

2. a nickname for George W. Bush which differentiates him from the three slightly more honorable Bush men creatures, Prescott his grandfather, George his father and Jeb his brother.

3. a joke told in the rural areas of Australia.
1. Mickey knew that without the dividends her bushcrack would provide; life would have dire consequences like jobs, financial responsibility and a lack of willing slaves and dupes.

2. Thanks be to Mergatroid and inside connections, George "bushcrack" the good old boy didn't need to attend weekly Air National Guard meetings or annual summer encampments during his tour of duty to bring home the bacon.

3. Wayne threw a log on the campfire somewhere deep in the outback and spun a wild bushcrack about Austin the tenderfoot having sex with a not-very-pleased joey.
by diogio rome May 21, 2009
1. another name for genital region when infected with crabs or any other pestilence that crawl, bite and would like to migrate to others who come in contact with same.

2. slang term for NO TELL MOTEL especially of the LOW RENT RENDEVOUS type that's CRAWLING WITH bedbugs, crabs, and even possibly ALIEN BUGGIES that will make you itch, make you twitch and attack your b_____.
1. When Sammy went down on Betsy he knew it was another visit to the INSECT LOUNGE.

2. Stanley was a cheap mofo and always took his second rate romances to low rent rendevous insect lounge motels.
by diogio rome June 19, 2009
excreting, crapping, defecating, pinching a loaf, dropping a load, taking a shit, doing a george, grunting a growler, saluting the throne, taking a dump.
As Sammy realized that his whole life was coming out of his smartest orifice after days of painful constipation; he screamed with relief, "Heavens to Betsy" and slowly turned and smiled to watch himself making a tail.
by diogio rome July 01, 2009

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