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A sadistic lesbian sex act, in which sadomasochists improved the act of scissoring to their standards by inserting a Brillo pad between their unshaved vaginas.

First performed in a 70's foreign porno movie entitled, "Beauf De Meauf".
Girl 1: "should we go get waxed?"

Girl 2: "no way dollface, we're muff buffin tonight!"
#muffin #butt muffin #lesbians #sadomasochists #brillo pad
by dinkydew January 12, 2012
The fear of dildos.
Girl 1: "lets go in this sex store"

Girl 2: "I cant, I have a feuxphallicphobia...they're just unnatural..."
#dildo #phobia #feux #fo #fear
by dinkydew January 12, 2012
An oral herpe breakout makeout session.
Guy 1: "How was your date with Elizabeth?"

Guy 2: "I was kinda nervous cause of this herpe on my lip, but she had one too, so we made out all night anyway..."

Guy 1: "Ew, total herpe slurpee!"
#herpie slurpie #herpes #slurpee #makeout #oral
by dinkydew January 12, 2012
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