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Highly addictive MUD. Responsible for the indiscriminate squandering of hard earned money for 'credits' for fun and games. Ruled by one grey robed Lord of Creation.

See also: Sarapis
A: I spent all night on Achaea.
B: You're such a freaking addict.
by dinkybarrel April 27, 2005
hot, unrestrained, animal sex
Okay, Annie, listen, I don't want to make sex, eat choc-o-late, look at an-i-mals, take walk. you go home and say 'touch here touch me down there, I like that'. I don't think so, Annie, don't have time, want to drink, cigarette. You know. You know what Annie honey, I just want bang bang bang!
by dinkybarrel April 28, 2005
Vampiric fetishist of badgers and wolves. Also known as Azzie.

see also: Achaea
I heart yew Aztecia. pls have my babies. kthnx
by dinkybarrel April 27, 2005

see also: Achaea

*points at a goat*
by dinkybarrel April 27, 2005
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