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3 definitions by dinger mccharles

abbreviation of southmeader
used mostly in Bristol (me home town)
but ive herd it up in norfolk too
meanin sum tramp arsed twat who hangs round outside the burned out post office with marlboro umbrellas whatever the weather
shiiit!! theres meaders wes gonna get jacked!
(sed under breathe after bein jacked) fuckin meaders........
by Dinger McCharles June 02, 2004
9 5
word said when bitch slaping someone
john slaps jesse and shouts "booshank"
by dinger mccharles March 12, 2004
5 18
as we say in the uk (an yes we gots them)
a preppie is a twat
preppie = twat
twat = preppie
by Dinger McCharles June 02, 2004
55 96