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Literally, 'biting cat.'
by Ding July 31, 2003
This is a Russkie term meaning fuck your mom. Better to try it on a friggin' Ivan.
Yob tvoyu maht, motherfucker ! Y' dumb (Comrade) Tovarsisch, ain't ya say (Thank you) Spasiba for my screwing yo'mama 'cuz she is a fuckin' double bagger.
by Ding October 02, 2003
A term typically used in the adult film industry when a man achieves orgasm, but has a ridiculously small ejaculation, similar to that of a hamster.
"Jenna Jameson was ready to take his load in her face, but was disappointed by a measly hamster pop."
by Ding May 07, 2003
soldiers of the former KGB, now KG used to be, troop. Currently it refers to men of Communist China' PLA, Peoples' Liberation Army. Along with wedgehead and popeye, there are the main characteristics of those barbaric commies.
Dare ChinComm (Chinese Communist) dispatch its AK-rattling greenskins trying to wade the TaiWan strait, we, the Army of TaiWan, are gonna fuckin' waste'em 'cuz we have more bullets'n they have greenskins, whose bodies, when bloated, look more uglier.
by Ding September 29, 2003
men in an armored unit.
paratrooper A: Hope those dumbass trackheads know their shit and relieve us APSP.
paratroop B:Fuckin' A. Those damned Jerry gotta a real hard-on and wanna pound the shit outta this shithole.
by Ding October 03, 2003
To get drunk, throw up, and pass out. All within a few hours.
"Man I got fuckin DINGED off that Crown and C2 last night!"
by Ding March 19, 2006
The white pussy discharge you get from Gonorrhea but not Ghonerea
The poor dude got G-bombed by fucking a cheap streetwalker. Dint yo'mama tell ya wearing a shealth, Y'dickhead ?
by Ding October 02, 2003

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