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The act of nocking someone to the ground. Preferably with no shoulder or tackling involved, rather running straight into the person or object at full speed.
Arod: Did you hear about when keegan bowled down dilman at the soccer windup?
Dilman: You are a liar and a FOOL, arod!
by Dilman-7 April 10, 2006
A Korean. Also known as a spoon-face or shovel-head.
Derived from the Japanese word "Kankokujin" (pronounced Kahn-koe-koo-jin) , meaning "Korean". Typically used as an insulting slur to reffer to a korean person. Unlike other racial slurs like "nigger", koreans are for the most part unaware of the meaning of this word and will thus not take offense when it is mentioned in front of them.
Korean: *Yells something in korean at john, then turns to his korean friends and bursts out laughing*

John: "Sorry, me no speaky spoon-face you lousy konk."

Korean: *Walks away unoffended and unpreturbed*
by dilman-7 March 07, 2007
A severe deformality of the legs caused by sitting on the ground in an emo fashion at a concert. The heavy low frequency soundwaves barrage the bones of the legs, causing a loss of muscle mass and a lengthening of bone structure in the femur, fibia, and tibia. The result is a person with long, gangly spider legs.
Example One:

Sebastian: Did you see that fucking kid back there with the spider legs?!?!?

Dylan: Yeah! Hes watching my backpack for me, and I dont trust him as far as he can reach with his massive, akward, gangly spider legs!

Example Two:

Captain Jean Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise hates kids with spider legs. Captain Jean Luc Picard doesent respect people who sit down and face walls at concerts.
by dilman-7 September 09, 2006

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