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The written manifestation of a victory so awesome that using the term "epic win" would seem utterly insulting.

An expression of ultimate jubilance.
Adolescent One: Hey man, did you remember that Halo match last night?

Adolescent Two: Of course I did! It was championship win win!
by dijonmustardtheracist August 16, 2009
A simple break-up involving the male figure launching his head in the direction of the females breats with the intent to disarray.

If executed properly you will leave her with no lover, confusion, and a pair of bruised boobs.
Mark: Hey, man I'm sorry about you and Shelly, she was a bitch.

Peter: It's no problem, I pulled a breakcup!

Mark: Nice!
by dijonmustardtheracist August 25, 2009

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