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Ass Disease

Similar to S.A.D but smaller in stature.

A.D is when a girl has a round ass.

Blacks & Latinas usually fall victim to A.D Syndrome because of genetics but Whites and Asians are sometimes seen with A.D and sometimes S.A.D
guy: hey did you know you have an A.D
girl: whats that?
guy: Ass Disease!
girl: uh what the hell is that?? no i dont
guy: oooo yess you do!
by diewlaylomo November 20, 2007
Severe Ass Disease

When girls have that round & large booty. Fat chicks don't count.

Some girls are born with S.A.D Syndrome and some got it from a plastic surgery.

Unluckily S.A.D is not contagious. While the few fortunate girls have S.A.D some have A.D which is similar but smaller in stature.

(look up A.D on urbandictionary)

pervert: you wanna come over to my house so i can treat your S.A.D?

pervert2: i like to goto the mall and check out females with S.A.D

pervert3: your mom has S.A.D
by diewlaylomo November 20, 2007

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