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Big Fan Of That (acronym). A description of how someone feels if they sincerely like something. A supporter of something appealing.
Bryan: Yo! Bill did you see the legs on the new girl in accounting?

Bill: Oh yeah! I'm a BFOT!
by diegodiegodiego February 01, 2009
The act of combining two random words in hopes of having Urban Dictionary publish that newly made up word and thus having their Urban Dictions five minutes of fame.
The two most recent UD 'words of the day' are both efforts of someone word mixing. Those words: Prostiboots. Drafternoon.
by diegodiegodiego February 08, 2009
The feeling of utter helplessness due to being in a relationship with a woman that is so overbearing and controling that you have no control over your life. Also known as a 'pussy'.
Bryon: Dude. I can't watch the game with you today. Hilda wants me to go pottery shopping with her.

Bill: But it's the playoffs!

Bryon: Sorry dude. We are also going to the Farmer's Market.

Bill: You are stuck in chicksand .. bye bye
by diegodiegodiego April 17, 2011
Something one gets after a day of work staring at the computer or texting for hours upon hours or any continuous use of electronic technology until ones head feels as if it is ready to explode.
I texted Jenn so many times I had to take five Advil to get rid of my techneadache.
by diegodiegodiego January 15, 2009

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