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being told pictures will be taken and put on facebook, a video you know is being taken even when you go, "is this a video" when the red light is on the camera, saying "wtf" or "what the hell" to something after agreeing to do something you knew that turn out embarrising, and being asked a question then being told "thanks, ill text you when i need help on my project"
steph: whats your waist size?
mike: 36
tj: 34-36
steph: great, thanks now i got two models for my project.
mike: what does this mean, like what do i got to do?
steph: well all i know is i need 2 male models, ill find out the details later on
mike and tj: oh shit...what??...im scaredish about this.
by didooooooo January 23, 2010

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