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A girl of any age who is fun, cute, trendy, positive, and optimistic, with a great sense of personal style. Diddie-girls are quick to laugh and never take themselves too seriously.

I created a brand of handbags and named them "PrettyDiddies". 'Diddie' soon became a descriptive word among my group of friends and has stuck as an adjective that needs no explanation!
I am a Diddie-girl!!!
I would describe a girl who is cute, upbeat, friendly, or has a great sense of style as a "diddie-girl".
Conversely, a girl who complains constantly, is negative, or rude and/or maybe dresses like she just rolled out of bed would be "not very diddie".
#stylish #trendy #positive #fashionable #optimistic #fun
by diddie-girl March 31, 2009
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