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a very rad number
34 is Awesum
by dickmonger March 04, 2009
Taco Bell...

I picked up some tacos from Diarehia Hut, man was I shiting everywhere
by Dickmonger March 01, 2009
A chick (or otherwise) who gives every guy that sees them a major boner.
Jenny is such a Knob Throbber, that hard-on didn't go away for hours.
by dickmonger March 03, 2009
Slang for Did you know
Didjaknow Jack is gay?
by dickmonger March 02, 2009
The semen that comes out when you prematurely ejaculate
The Prema-Jizz got everywhere becuase i wasnt ready
by dickmonger March 04, 2009
The dude that was down with the pimps and hoes.
Abraham Lincoln was inducted as an honorary "Chocolate Daddy".
by dickmonger March 19, 2009

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