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3 definitions by diarrhea mouth?

The act of filling a girl's vagina with sticks while wearing a flannel shirt.
"I lumberfucked the hell out of my girl."
"Were you wearing a flannel shirt?"
"Doesn't count, you just shoved a bunch of sticks in you girls pussy for no reason freak."
by diarrhea mouth? January 06, 2010
22 9
When a man ties a girl to a chair and then pours a bag of semen that he has collected all over her face and body. Then he leaves her in a closet to let the semen dry. Then, if executed correctly, the girl should resemble an old marble statue.
"Ah man I have been saving this bag of semen for so long. I can't wait to do the Old Marble Statue with my girl."

"Just remember not to leave her in the closet for too long because then she will start to turn yellow and the majesticness of the marble statue is ruined."
by diarrhea mouth? January 05, 2010
17 8
When a man succeeds in sticking his whole leg into a woman's butthole.
"Last night Billy did the stanky leg with his girl"
"impressive, i gotta meet this chick"
by diarrhea mouth? December 29, 2009
27 45