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n. A girl who usually cares too much about how she looks, her clothes, and guys. Bimbos think that they can look flawless by covering their face up in make-up. They spend most of their time looking at themselves in the mirror and fixing their hair/make-up. Most bimbos have pretty faces, yet they are oh so shallow.
Bimbo 1: OH NO! I don't have enough make-up on to cover up my acne.
Bimbo 2: Don't worry I have extra.. put on all you want. The more the better!

Bimbo 1: Let's go to Abercrombie & Fitch!!
Bimbo 2: Okay! Let's stay there until ears bleed!
Bimbo 1: The music is loud, but who cares? It's so cool!
Bimbo 2: TOTALLY!!
by dianaispeachy April 25, 2008
The most talented Olympic Swimmer ever. He won 8 gold medals in the 2008 olympics, that's all of them. Like most swimmers, he has a super-HAWT body.. but his face isn't the most attractive one ever though. People who claimed they've gone to high school with him said that he was a total jerk. He has a long torso, short legs, and fin-like feet. He's 6'4 and around 200 pounds. Again, VERY nice body but he is not Calvin Klein underwear model material. He is also my boyfriend... in my dreams, that is.
Joe: Did you see Michael Phelps win ANOTHER gold medal?
Bob: That guy is an underwater god, but he's takin' all the damn medals!
by dianaispeachy August 23, 2008

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