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4 definitions by dhfbednchfb

To delay inevitable pwnage, esp. in a game where you're playing a noob but you at least give him a chance
I was playing this noob, but I was feeling nice that day so I postpwned him.
by dhfbednchfb March 01, 2010
A urinal sanitizer, usually shaped like a giant, colored Altoid.
I like to pee on the mint in the urinal.
by dhfbednchfb February 19, 2010
When you first get a facebook, you don't friend many people. A couple weeks later, you friend EVERYBODY. You realize how many of these people you don't know and decide to stop friending or even delete some of them.
I went through facebook rebound last month.
by dhfbednchfb March 01, 2010
A person who has a square-shaped head, usually bald. Not always associated with flat-tops, although they do make you look like a cube.

As heard in "Seinfeld"
That guy's got a square head.
Yeah, he's a cube!
by dhfbednchfb February 19, 2010