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Although meaning to "make a chick your own", the term cuf can also be used as the word "cuf" with only one F to describe having sex with a girl. Cuff can be used in two different ways.

When used in a sentence where the guy talks offensively about a girl (i.e. bitch or female) the term means "to fuck".

When used in a sentence where the guy talks respectfully about a girl (i.e. girl or chick) the terms means "to date".
Juan : Damn , I really like this girl Marisa bro.

Alex: Really?? I thought you were just tryna cuff that bitch.

Juan : Nah bro, I actually wanna cuff her and make her mine..

Alex : Smh kid ... smfh.
by dhat_ninja_alexxx July 07, 2011
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