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A funeral where the body is disposed of not by burial or by cremation, but by using a large catapult to fling it into a neighboring country. It is illegal in the US, but due to its low cost it flourishes as a black market mortuary sideline in the American southwest, and to a lesser extent along the Canadian border where its use is more often for entertainment.
My cleaning lady had to go back to Arizona to bail her husband out of jail. Apparently he was involved in a mexican funeral ring, and one of the deceased turned out to be involved in an unsolved murder. So now there's going to be a big hoo-hah, an investigation and such. Do you know any good cleaning ladies?
by dgrrr January 22, 2009
Mexican heart taco is where you take a very large bore hypodermic syringe and inject human feces into one of the four main chambers of the human heart. When the victim wakes up and grabs their heart you have a huge lady sit on their mouth and poop until the victim suffocates. When the police come you pretend not to speak English.

NOTE -- often confused with a Mexican Crap Taco
Don't fall asleep, or Hans will give you a mexican heart taco.
by dgrrr April 07, 2009

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