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The Coen brothers stroking their egos. "No Country for Old Men" is not realy a movie per say (depending on who you ask) what rather a thesis on the state of the world and the rising evil that will consume us all, circa 1980. The first hour and a half follows the exploits of one Lewelyn Moss, played by Josh Brolin, as he finds a bunch of dead Mexican drug dealers and an ass load of cash and tries to find a way to escape with said cash. But, what's this, Mary Lou Renton is chashing him, but this time, she's a big Spanish assassin who kills people with a cattle gun named Anton Chigurh. Does Chigurh kill Moss, do they even meet? Fuck no, not really anyway! Moss is killed by Mexican drug dealers, and suddenly, out of the fucking blue, Tommy Lee Jones is the focus of this befuddling mess. People who really love this movie will say that it is visionary and bleak and realistic and all that crap. It's an uneven mess that doesn't live up to Coen brothers standards.
Only see No Country for Old Men if you want to be cheated out of a possible really good movie.
by dgrey395 April 13, 2008
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