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The beer shits you get after a long night of drinking the greatest beer on the market, Rolling Rock premium beer. Much like the bottle, it has a definitive green color to it, and, like the beer shits you get from drinking bud light, it comes in waves of 2 to 3, maybe 4 trips to the bathroom. However, Rolling Runs has minimal/no odor, and that's a plus.
I drank too much Rolling Rock last night at that party, now I have the rolling runs.
by dgafer123 August 10, 2011
Beer Shits you receive after a long night of drinking Busch. A very awful odor is always expected, much like bud light beer shits. The only positive to busch musch is that it all comes out in one toilet sitting, never once does this particular beer shit come out in intervals.
Ron: Wtf is that smell????

Stan: I have serious busch musch, it was the biggest, smelliest shit I have ever taken. But thank god it's all out of my system.
by dgafer123 August 10, 2011

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