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losers with NO LIVES who like to spend their spare time pretending to be a 'baby' on habbo hotel. Spend their time in adoption rooms, after HC parents, speaking with an unnecessary amount of w's in every word to make them sound 'cute' (and some silly fools actually fall for it =S)
Alot of them claim to be 'newborn' which is incredible seen as their parents must have thrown them in the gutter the moment they are born, or died during birth

Classic baby uniform:
Hair: Bunches for girls or BALD
Top: ALWAYS a hoodie, god knows why (can be any colour)
Bottoms: Shorts or a skirt
Bully-victim shoes
Habbo baby: (walking up to a HC) *Wookwesh uwp at woo wiv bwig bwue eyesh awnd smwiles* =]

HC parent: Awwwwwr! hey chick! :D

Baby: *Wavesh a chwubbeh hwand*

HC parent: *scoops u up in my arms and holds u close to me*

Baby: *Sways fwirst ever word* Mwamma!


Me: shut up u two complete virgins *smashes babies head against wall*

Baby: WAAAAA! WAAAAAA! *cwries ickwe hweart out*

HC parent; =O dont be so mean to her! she is only a little baby! *protects ma lil dharlin*

Me: no she isnt! she is ur age! maybe OLDER! why dont u all grow the fuck up and get lives!!!!
by dfzdsx February 03, 2008
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