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a person who trys to hard to be cool
a person who has a girlfreind but doesnt sleep with her even though she wants to
a person who makes his freinds late for parties
a person who has 2 beers and pretends to be hammered
a person who only enjoys talking to girls about his feelings and not for the possibility of sex
joe and his freinds are going out to a party but decide to wait for their freind jamie to get off work. they ask jamie to hurry home so they can get to the party. He ends up getting home late and takes fifteen minutes to change his clothes. On his way to the party finally, jamie asks his freinds to pick up his girlfreind who he has yet to sleep with, at the inconvience of his freinds
after the party. "wow jamie was such a banks tonight"
by dfdsfdsfds June 24, 2010
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