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noun, the action of repeated sodomy on one person by a large group of men, usually to the discomfort of the "catcher", but given very enthusiastically, and with great pleasure, by the "pitcher"
One day, two hunters were on a safari in Africa. They were separated from their hunting party and decided to spend the night on the Savannah. During the night, a large tribe of howling savages, waving their spears in the air, captured them under a tree. The Chief approached the first hunter and said, "You choose. Oombalabala or death." The hunter replied, "I don't want to die. I choose oombalabala." The chief then grabbed the man, bent him over, and ripped his pants off. The Chief, followed by all of the tribal men after him raped the hunter in the ass. When they finished, the hunter crawled back to his companion and said, " Whatever you do, don't choose oombalabala." The Chief walked over to the second hunter and said, " You choose. Oombalabala or death." "I choose death," replied the second hunter. The Chief then smiled, turned to his tribe, and screamed, "Oombalabala to death!"
by deweyjoe37 October 25, 2011

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