10 definitions by devo

A) slang for ignorant
B) it means ignant you jackass
C) adj. See Ken.
Ken is fucking ignant.
by Devo March 17, 2004
short for vagina
slut girl: my gina hurts....

random guy: yeah.... i fuct you pretty damn hard huh? i think there wuz some blood too... but... you should rly clean some of that clint outta there
by Devo April 23, 2004
A GUY's name pertaining to the county of Devon in England and the city of Devonshire. The name would therefore mean "Protector of Devonshire." He is also the coolest mofo in New Bizzle.
"Yo, Devon, you is the coooooolest mofo in New Bizzle."
by Devo January 24, 2005

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