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The real origins of Heavy Metal emanated from the UK and Europe. Bands in the US and elsewhere influenced by them created the confluence of this genre which helped propel Heavy Metal as a world wide favorite type of music among fans.
Heavy Metal bands like Black Sabbath led to Iron Maiden led to Metallica and so on.
by devilgold March 03, 2010
An imaginary world concocted over time to enslave masses of religious people, and force them into a state of living fear, paranoia and utter suppression which often has led people into severe depression, doubting their life, enabling them to participate in destructive lifestyles, and worse. Hell, the concept has kept billions of human beings from living their full unobstructed purpose in life. Most purported Holy texts, and faiths have perpetrated a fraud onto their believers for one sole purpose - to exact control and dominance over their lives, their wealth, their potential and their freedom.

In my opinion you can have God and not have hell, which is if you are a believe of God, a more sane idea.
Hell is a fairy tale concocted over time to subjugate mankind into submission, and it's 100% unprovable.
by devilgold March 03, 2010

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