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a term used for the Hindu right wing fundamentalist organisations in India, especially the RSS(rashtriya swayamsevak sangh). mainly used in a mocking,derogatory way,owing to the khaki knickers they use as uniform.
well, you can't expect manners from the Rss chaddies of all people.

many chaddies were seen rioting in the minority areas.
by devanampiya July 20, 2011
a pan indian slang which literally means "motherfucker" which is mainly used as an insult to people.
narendra modi bahut bada madarchod hain, uski hagga jaise boli se malum parta hain
(narendra modi is a big madarchod(motherfucker), his stinking words reveal so)

aaj ramlila maidan RSS ke madarchodo se bhara dikh raha hain
(today ramlila maidan is looking fully occupied by madarchods(motherfuckers) belonging to RSS )
by devanampiya August 27, 2011

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