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A women who frequents bars, tavens, and nightclubs for the singular purpose of getting laid. This is usually accomplished by sucking down free drinks from desperate losers. Whatever loser guy hits that magic number of drinks to get here completely wasted gets the prize;A worn out vaginia that resembles an old catchers mit.
Stay away from that Bar Skank, her crabs have herpes!
by Dethphone January 01, 2010
When a child is placed inside the shopping cart instead of in the child seat. In some cases items are placed on top of the cart, to keep the child from escaping.
Look at that poor kid with the mullet stuck in his Walmart Crib.
by dethphone November 30, 2009
Three people (usually gay or frat boys) are needed to pull of this drinking maneuver.The first man is naked and bent over with his legs slightly apart. The second person is behind the first on his knees, with his face just under ass level. The Third person pours the alcohol down the small of the back of the first person, thereby the alcohol passes through the butt-crack, into the mouth of the second man.
After the Jonas brothers concert, you guys wanna do some Butt Crack Shooters?
by dethphone November 08, 2009
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