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A maymay is a thieving, low life cunt that only cares about herself. Most have labeled her as either a tom boy or lesbian. She might look small but watch out this bitch will beat your ass into the ground if you so much as look at her the wrong way, this includes men. Crime is what she grew up doing and she is good at it. but other than the bad stuff she is also a good friend to people that she likes, she is down for just about anything, and if you didn't grow up around a maymay and you can get past the tomboy look she can be beautiful. Plus maymay's are not very good at school but can kick ass in basketball. Maymay's can also be associated with a Birge
Dude i just saw this guy get his ass beat by a maymay

Hey i heard that this maymay stole this guys truck, broke the transmission then went back and stole another one.

That maymay stole all my pills!! Ah!!!
by dethkill3 March 15, 2013

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