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4 definitions by desert fox

A quiet little town nestled in the heart of the Finger Lakes of central New York. Home to unemployed factory workers, struggling small businesses, uncool people, virgins, untrustworthy Italians, men that drive trucks that are too expensive for them, fat freshmen with huge dicks, car washes, boys who are scared to move into their apartments, kids who drive around and smoke pot, crackhead policemen, multiple police forces, stuck-up worldly genius girls who have never left the county except to go to the mall, trap shooting, little league, heavy mom influence, Jack, kids who think they are awesome, kids who lie about how much gas is in their car, keystone ice, heavily modified Mustangs, rolling stops, loud cars whose drivers take a long time to shift, people who cross the street at the wrong time, multiple nursing homes, burnt out high school teachers, garages full of stolen goods, paries with one girl, make-out sluts, girls basketball games, free 100's, poker games, trailer parks, free cell phones, loud freight trains, no open lunch, the county fairgrounds, the county offices, the canal, seneca meadows landfill, silver creek, large tax increases, world of warcraft, fishing, people who don't answer their cell phones, liquor stores, convenience stores that always have cops at them, community college students, mood swings, girls who play games with virgins' hearts, Thurston, people who are 100% Italian, Catholics, people who steal stuff, con artists, demolition derbies, P&C, Mcdonalds, and NICE N EASY, MAN!
Man, I hate Waterloo, all the kids there are mad gay.
by desert fox May 25, 2005
A kid that was born with knowledge of chemistry. He writes down answers at lightning speed before it is even taught.
Yo Thurston, lemme copy!
by desert fox June 12, 2005
When a person hasn't talked for a while, so their voice sounds like they need to clear their throat.
Adam has cobwebs because he plays counter-strike 24/7 instead of talking.
by desert fox December 04, 2005
When a blunt is all but a few centimeters long, you suck it barehandedly until your lips touch the cherry, then suck the whole thing down.
Yo man, superman that shit!
by desert fox May 08, 2005