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A kid on youtube that is friends with the very popular ChristianU2uber (famous for his hit single, "Stop Calling me a Homo)

He is personal friends with christian and he makes hilarious videos about god, haters and his sister that he claims is his girlfriend

He like to threaten to call the police and just do things that seem ridiculous for anyone of sound mind and body.

Mostly though, he is the GAYEST of all the U2uber gang, this is his most notable quality.
Whose the gayest in the U2uber gang? DustinU2uber, ChristianU2uber or JoshU2uber?

Well Dustin is the fattest, but Josh is definitely the gayest.
by Dermasterfriend May 17, 2009
It's the same as der(see urban dictionary), but it is to be used in a more manner-oriented setting.

It's Der+Sir=a more respectful DER

You can use it at formal parties as well as with your friends if they've had a bad day, but they've said something stupid. You have to "der" them, but you don't want to break their spirits completely so therefore a simple "dersir" will suffice.
Dave was at the charity Gala and people kept telling him stupid things so he would respond to them with an abrupt, polite "dersir"
by Dermasterfriend April 02, 2009
So terrible, beyond bad that it can only be described as garbage-like.

Terrible, useless, unfathomably bad, ridiculously horrible, sickeningly awful
The maple syrup, anchovie, fecal matter pizza was extremely garbageous.

Shaday's personality in combination with her garbageous looks made her completely unappealing to everyone she met.

by dermasterfriend April 06, 2009

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