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2 definitions by derek0660

a group of conformists that are all the same becuase they all hate conformist things.

seems to exist mostly of emo/scene kids.
Examples of alternitive conformity:

-people who hate people who wear abercrombie and fitch or hollister or ae.

"OMG all you prep fags are all the same cause you wear abercrombie and fitch"
~emo kid

-people who hate people who listen to bands like fall out boy only after they had become popular.

"i liked fall out boy BEFORE they were popular. you just like them cause you heard them on the radio."
~another emo kid
by derek0660 March 25, 2007
6 4
email through the nintendo wii.

this is actually available.

the blue light on the wii lights up when you get a new wiimail message.
dude go check your wiimail.
by derek0660 February 23, 2007
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