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to react at a certian point in time where you would not be able to do something but only for that point and time, acrobatic like mind wise or even being sneaky
barbra was coming out of the kitchen with 2 plates in her hand as she started to fall derek grabed one of the plates and her with out dropping anything on the floor, and looking highly dramatic. dam derek that was Ninjanuity there
by Derek Post June 02, 2007
for a girl to look so hot at a certian point in time of the night or day where she is just so hot you have to stop and just look at her. in public or even your own girlfriend.
like if a girl is in a nighty or t-backs and a cut off wifebetter with her nipples all hard dam thats lustacious
by Derek Post June 02, 2007
a hammerd out bottle cap used for currency.
for payment jon recived a whole bag of shnickels
by Derek Post June 02, 2007
for a girl to suck your balls from behind you and spray fart in her eye.
she got buceyed. im holding in to give her a good buceye. canola oil is fun
by Derek Post June 02, 2007
is when you get male sex fluids caught in your body hair i.e. pubic hair stomach hair arm hair
after hours of sex brad found that he had a zwinky on his stomach
by derek post June 08, 2007
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