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The opposite of trendy. Uncool, in an unfashionable sense. Think so last season, or old fashioned. Applies to people and things, not just fashion. Not particularly insulting; can even have friendly undertones.
That flanalette shirt is so daggy; why don't you update your wardrobe ?

Stop hanging out with your daggy friends, get with the hip, new crowd.
#daggier #unfashionable #cool #yesterday #trendy
by denoument July 15, 2011
5 beers test - a universal standard to measure greatness by. Does it pass the 5 beers test ? eg, the 5 beers test for a song is that if you've had 5 beers, and that song comes on, you have to hit the dance floor. If you do it by reflex, then it's a pass.
5 beers test for a computer game: if you've had 5 beers and someone mentions a computergame, and your immediate, reflexive, unthinking response is "That game is awesome !", then that game passes the "5 beers test".
#five #beers #test #awesome #compare #comparison
by denoument November 10, 2013
Affectedly trendy and fashionable. Slick.

It seems that chi chi can mean different things in different cultures, but searching on the net will show many in Western culture use it as per the above meaning, though not always in a complimentary way.
That new resort is too chi chi for me, I prefer a less hip atmosphere.
#trendy #fashionable #slick #tacky #hip
by denoument July 15, 2011
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