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A turd big enough to crush a car
shit look out for that king kong finger
by Denny January 20, 2005
7'6, HUGE,dude
What a yao big shot.
by Denny September 04, 2003
1. A statement of being, purpose, or intent.
2. Short for gravy
3. Short on gravy
4. A person who does not eat beef but enjoys a bit of gravy
5. Plastic
1. Everyone cheered as the president handed in his LeftSock to congress
2. Pass the LeftSock
3. We're a bit LeftSock
4. Why aren't you eating dinner? Don't be a LeftSock
5. LeftSock
by Denny June 23, 2003
A playa that doesn't have to try, and sweats pimp juice.
That giggaty gangsta was blown dro on twenty-fo's and didn't even have to try to get the hot ass hoes.
by Denny November 18, 2004
Getting the heck out of town. Leaving the area.
It's butt shagging time!
by Denny March 02, 2005
A made up word!
When your in the mood to party!
"Is partyfulness a word?"
by Denny September 25, 2004
Another name for Congressional.
I know them from Congo.
by Denny May 27, 2004
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