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When sent by itself as a message via text, aim, mail, etc it has the same meaning as lol, which either has no meaning or means what you just said wasnt interesting. Pretty much if you get a ":)" that person has nothing to say and might even just not wanna talk to you.
bob: hey


bob: whats up


bob:same, except i just got home from the movies, the movie i saw was so funny, you gotta see it

cindy: :)

example 2:
joe: hey babe

haley: hiiiiiiiiii

joe: I had fun tonight

haley: same

joe: you looked so pretty tonight i couldnt keep my eyes off of you

haley: :)
by dennisman456 November 25, 2010
a way to indicate that you either want a blowjob or want to give someone one without actually saying the words " I want you to suck my dick" or " I want to suck your cock". This might be used to avoid awkwardness.
joe: Hey

kim: Hi

Joe: can i ask something?

kim: sure

joe: :0 <==8

kim: ;) sure babe,
by dennisman456 November 25, 2010
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