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A moment during a large function, in which there is one primary speaker, where numerous watches or personal timekeepers beep to signal the passing of another hour at the same time
Hutch: How'd you go in your speech this morning?
Sonny-Bill: Mate, i was going great until this massive chronopolypse, completely put me off!
by Dennis Scott September 23, 2003
A situation whereby two or more neanderthal's say their farewells at the conclusion to a conversation, only to then unintentionally walk in the same direction, in doing so, remaining in the company of each other and thus creating awkwardness.
Sonny-Bill: So I says "What is this? Grandma with the birthday presents? SUCK IT BITCH!"
Hutch: Ha Ha you're too much. Oops better bail - I'm late for my appointment. Cya mate!
Sonny-Bill: Cheers

* Both persons start walking in the same direction to their respective cars *

Hutch: This is a bit disenchaunting.
Sonny-Bill: Yeh I reckon mate. Dead set awkward.
by Dennis Scott November 21, 2005
intentionally avoiding stepping on imperfections, including lines and cracks, in a pavement or pathway
Hutch: Nooooooooooo!
Sonny-Bill: What's wrong Hutch?
Hutch: I stepped on a crack!!
Sonny-Bill: Ohh! You dirty gnawker
by Dennis Scott October 10, 2003
The sound a sponge makes whilst being relieved of its wetness.
Dude!!! Did you hear that coig!!!
by Dennis Scott September 16, 2003
Correcting a spelling error on an interweb chat program with a spelling error.
Hutch says: aww yea
Hutch says: bidda hsxc
Hutch says: hscx
Hutch says: hsc
Sonny-Bill says: transmorgification
Sonny-Bill says: nice 1
by Dennis Scott October 18, 2003
When you are walking with a person, usually in a crowd or with other people around, and you semi-turn and start to say something to them, only to realise they are either not there or someone else is instead. Leads to an often embarrasing cover-up or apology.
Hutch: Well Sonny I says I says....by the way did you.....
Random: what?
Hutch: Oh....sorry....i thought you were someone else.....just a geverette sorry
by Dennis Scott October 13, 2003
When one pokes a cooking utensil into a sausage during the culinary process known as a barbeque, thus causing its contents to recalibrate into a form unrecognisable to its original shape.
Sonny Bill: Oh deadset that's the worst schnasm I've ever seen.
Hutch: Calm down, I had to use a plastic fork.
by Dennis Scott April 12, 2004

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