2 definitions by dementeddonkey

1. In jail.
2. An awesomely bodacious song by the former SoCal band Sublime, with a heavy dancehall bass line and funky synthesizer. Not to mention vocals from the late great Brad Nowell.
1. Aw man! I was caught streakin' and now I'm doin' time!
2. Doin' Time by Sublime is all you need for some good dancin' in the summertime!
by dementeddonkey March 02, 2007
A cross between a jock and an asshole. Most notably:

1. An athletic guy in his late-teens or early-twenties
2. One who only talks to cool people and/or girls with certain chest size.
3. Struts around as if they own the world.
4. May/may not wear a jockstrap.
5. May/may not own a large convertible of some kind, perhaps in an effort to make up for small willy size.
X: See that guy with the football?
Y: The one who's making fun of those nerds?
X: Yeah, him. He's a total jockhole, man!
by dementeddonkey March 02, 2007

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