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The initiation to join deeks together. Whitegate is an abandon plantation in Savannah, Ga. ( Grove point Plantation ) which is haunted by a phantom.
Yo deek. We are going to whitegate!!!!!
by Deke December 08, 2003
A stupid nub who sucks at Counter-Strike.
Deekairs type kill in the life console
by Deke November 25, 2003
1) Really good head.
2) A girl talented in fallacio.
Person 1) Did she suck your dick?

Person 2) Hell yeah and it was that hodda!!!
by DEKE April 08, 2005
A classy nickname for calling someone a fagton in public. See Fagtron
Fagtronalius .... quit beating off.
by Deke November 25, 2003
A person who is a known snitch. Kinda like a mob figure but a snitch instead.
You'se a snitch figga ass nigga
by DEKE April 12, 2005
A Physics teacher who doesnt teach at all. He gives you quizes on stuff we dont even go over. He Busts his head open on wooden cabinets and he also grades homework for accuracy when we dont know how to do it. Slit your hand open again nissen. again.
Nissen is a fagtron
by Deke November 25, 2003
something used in cs in sarcasm to a complete nub(nick evans). Also, used when someone does somehting completley stupid.
Brian you freaking nub how did you get your car suck in my yard. GG nub.
by deke December 18, 2003

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