3 definitions by deftonepiper

Perfectly cylindrical tips, roughly the size and color of their namesake.
Her pencil eraser nipples looked like the end of a No. 2 pencil.
by deftonepiper September 15, 2008
Ballpumping forces fluids into different tissues at different rates. The testicles enlarge faster than the sac, just as the core of the cock enlarges faster than the skin. So if you pump a short session, you'll get big eggs hanging in your sac. If you go for a real long session, you'll get a big bloated "grapefruit" sac.
I was Tiger Pumping so much my balls exploded.
by deftonepiper August 30, 2008
When a man tries to ejaculate into a person's mouth from a distance.
Adam hit a half court shot with that sperm shot!
by deftonepiper July 31, 2008

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