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5 definitions by definingchamp

1-A word inspired by the "crack" sound made by the whip of a slave driver used to denote a white person or group of white people that are punishing peoples of color for bias rules or laws that they themselves created as means to oppress. 2-A word considered by many ignorant white people to be the equivalent of "nigger".
That cracker ass pussy punched a young black girl in the face for jaywalking.

What kind of retard compares "cracker" to "nigger" when "nigger" is a term created to DEHUMANIZE an entire group of people and "cracker" is not even close to a term for dehumanizing?

You are a cracker because you constantly down the accomplishments of people of color.
by definingchamp August 03, 2010
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When the act of sex is performed and the girl/guy never makes the guy achieve his climax.
Dude believe me you don't want her, she's a no blow!
by Definingchamp June 07, 2014
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1- Gay oral sex. 2- When a straight man penetrates another man's mouth with his penis but does not consider himself gay.
I heard Quincy got some awesome throat pussy from Jordan this morning, after Jordan saw Quincy's morning erection.
by definingchamp August 03, 2010
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A rare word that has no actual meaning, but instead has only a purpose; that purpose is to degrade and dehumanize black people. It's a creation of white Europeans to describe a black person who has been stripped of their pride, heritage, and history who has been beaten into submission by whites and then forced to settle with whatever whites give them, even if that dictates their own self outlook.

It comes from the Latin word 'Nigre' which is used to describe an inanimate object that is black in color. Later on due to mispronunciation and assimilation into other European language groups, it inspired the dehumanizing word 'Nigger'. Misnomer definitions have come to define it as meaning ignorant, however the actual definition listed in these INCORRECT dictionaries have changed over time, going from "a black person" to "an offensive word to describe a person of color" to "ignorant"; all of these are incorrect.

The word can also be used alongside an adjective in order to offend other races beside blacks.


sand-nigger=an Arab

curry-nigger=an Indian
red-nigger=a Native American
yellow nigger=an Asian
I'm not a nigger and I never will be; I have way to much pride and self worth.

I'm not a nigger and I never will be, because I am not a creation of whites and I will never allow them to strip me of my African heritage.

You wish I was a nigger but I'll never lower myself to such a level.
by definingchamp August 03, 2010
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-Honor-less peoples of immediate African descent whom defend their ignorance and reliance on self destructive traditions such as relying on Caucasians and their ideals for salvation, relying on the media and its Caucasian run and dictated portrayal of black idols to tell them who they should aspire to be like and what they should aim for in life.

-Black people void of black pride and ignorant of their history that would rather cling to every word which comes from a Caucasians lips as opposed to seeking mental and ideological freedom/ascension.

-Black people who choose to live a life of ignorance as opposed to consciousness.

-Black people that still cling to slave born terms like 'good hair' because they would rather continue to idolize Caucasians than except and celebrate their own original standards.

-Black people that either consciously or subconsciously treat everything Caucasian in origin as if it's good, unquestionable, and universally accepted.

-Above ALL ELSE black trash described those black people who cling to every word and ideal which comes from Caucasians as if they came from their God, this is because to black trash, Caucasians are gods.
Richard is black trash because he wants to have a baby with a Puerto Rican so the child can have good hair.

Becky is black trash because she thinks that because of her upper class status, which only comes from the Caucasian's abstract system to dictate American social class, she is better than the brothers and sisters struggling to make a living in the ghetto.
by definingchamp January 14, 2011
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