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3 definitions by define this

Someone/thing that is more fabulous than fabulous. Someone/thing that is so fabulous that even Elton John can't be more fabulous.
When someone is fabulevs the sun doesn't shine as bright as them.
"WOW look at her. Her butt is looking fabulevs today!"

"Dont touch me, I'm fabulevs"

"I am feeling fabulevs today."

by DEFINE THIS July 17, 2014
1. A combination of "fucking" and "ridiculous."

2. More than ridiculous.
First I crashed into the zoo and all the animals escaped, and then they gave me six parking tickets for parking in a rhino zone! Isn't that fridiculous?
by define this July 21, 2005
1. A completely unattractive woman that may have man-like features. Analagous to butterface, but seems like she might also possess testicles. Everything is attractive "but-her-nut."
Cain: She's really hot!
Abel: That chick's got a beard! She's a butternut.
by define this July 21, 2005