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1) The state of being insanely good at gymnastics....and jumping on shit. (like Lara Croft)

2) Having insanely huge tits making one wonder how this bitch walks so straight. (also like Lara Croft)

3) Using the word "insanely," an insane amount of times while making an Urban Dictionary list of what something means.

4) What Harry Potter would sound like saying the word "crafty."

5) People who make sex noises when they jump.

1) anonymous bystander - "Wow...your pretty crofty."

Gymnast - "Thanx, I've been playing Tomb Raider 8 hours a day."

2) "Damn...I could build a house an take a nice little vacation in her crofty dirty pillows"

3) "Why are you making that crofty Urban Dictionary list? Don't you have a life?"

4) "Hermionie your so crofty."

5) dude #1 - "She's a pretty crofty jumper."

dude #2 - "Yeah, whatta slut."
by definatelynotbryan August 06, 2008
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