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The Nation of Johns. Uniting together to have a good time, at all times, and to be #1 Challenger.

See John
plural: Johns
feminine: Jan(s)
antonym: Rupert
Ben: "Long live Johnanation!"
Alex: "That's right, John"
#johnanation #john #jan #rupert #dude #bro
by defeationjoe April 06, 2010
A Rupert is a dude that could never become a John. The arch nemesis of a John (Johnanation). A Rupert is typically one of those guys you see who thinks he's a bad-ass dude but he's really just an asshole and nobody likes him. Ruperts usually come from Broseville and have lots of their dad's money.
Chandler: " Hey, John, hows it going?"
Travis: "There's a Rupert at the bar, being a dick"
#rupert #john #johnanation #dude #bro
by defeationjoe April 06, 2010
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