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A small white ghetto near St.Louis, MO. The town consists of drug dealers, gangsters, thugs, crackheads and thieves. It's a place you probably dont want to go to if your not looking for trouble. If you want trouble, the State Parkers dont have a problem giving it to you. They'll beat you down, take your shit and you wont do a damn thing about it. If you try to do something, well then you'll just get your ass kicked again, and thats something you probably wont want at the time. I've seen beatings, stabbings, shootings and people ran over with cars and I've only been down there four times, its like the fucking modern wild west. It's a dangerous place that you dont want to visit unless your a girl and your having sex with a guy, buying drugs or if you want to party hard. If your an outsider and you want to party go ahead, you'll probably leave with a concusion.
by deeznutzinyourmouth August 04, 2009

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