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its part of having a foot fetish. A toe fetish is excessive sexual attraction to toes (commonly a male being attracted to female toes), which may result in a desire to lick or suck them, or masturbate--
The toes will get the attention more than any other part of the foot, although the fetish may incorporate other parts of the shapely female foot (arch, heels, soles etc.)
Johnny had a toe fetish, he couldn't stop sucking his girl-friends shapely toes.
by deevan September 29, 2006
Mzungu--- swahili word for white person, but not restricted to men only. Also used for European, caucasian women.
The word is commonly used by locals and not in a negative way (ie: it is viewed as complimentary to be Mzungu).
That Mzungu girl is so nice with her fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.
by deevan January 12, 2007
an African swahili word that means a white person, also used to describe white, caucasian women.
Mzungu is seen as something favourable.
That Mzungu woman tanning herself on the African beach is so attractive with her white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.
by deevan January 16, 2007
usually a word to describe the hair colour of female hair, a silky golden hue that can vary in intensity.
Men of all cultural backgrounds are often attracted to blondes.
The word can also be attributed to hair on other portions of the body (such as hair on arms or blonde pubic hair).

Blondes are white caucasian women and often seen as very appealing.
The blonde with her glistening golden hair was truly appealing to all the guys on the street in Rome.
by deevan January 07, 2007

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