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An all american blondes fantasies or daydreams about interracial romance, resulting in a Caramel colored child.
Mandy's Caramel Dreams kept drowning out the reverend's sermon.
by Deep Inside Jessica Simpson October 06, 2005
A hooker, call girl, porn star who can mentally separate her professional sex life from her romantic sex life. In other words, sex addicts who fall in love with sullen, burnt out, erectionally dysfunctional musicians.
Southern California has many aspring models who will put out at the drop of a dime to get a "leg up" in the entertainment industry, but will marry Johnny Guitar Watson for his heart. She must be a solid Multitask Ho.
by Deep Inside Jessica Simpson October 14, 2005
To be an overlooked racist. Many spaniards are hard core haters, unfortunately. How many World Cups has all that pure blood got you, eh muchacho?
The spaniard goalkeeper Canizares just gave up another one. GOOOOAAAL NIGERIA!
by deep inside jessica simpson September 04, 2006

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