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A word often used when getting boozed, it can never be over used and should make the entire crowd laugh. Originally from Northern California but has spread across the world. Webster thinks it should replace the words "Yeah" "Yes" and "Ya" but we'll see what happens in 2012. The most recent usage of the word "jeah" has been used while "cougar hunting" in the myst of arizona. Not only do the elder folks shun it, it happens to be the most simple often used pick up line among college students. When in doubt always remember that "jeah" is the new "fuck". That is one simple thought to sleep on.
"Jeah mmmmm jeah jeah ohhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmm jeah jeah OH JEAH."

Lady, "You are young, dumb and full of cum!"
Me, "Jeah!"

- "How about you go fuck yourself?!"
- "Jeah!"

Jeah its wreal hot out here
by deeeemo October 03, 2010

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