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4 definitions by dee-jay elle

a small, cylliner-shape cotton swab with a string (so it doesn't get lost when 'inserted') that absorbs the.. leakage during that time of the month.
during my period, had had to use a tampon to stop the, err, leaking..
by dee-jay elle April 21, 2004
295 104
basically what the word is. a mexican immigrant who got into the u.s. by jumping the boarder and not getting caught.. yet.
hey mike, i see you hired some boarder jumpers to mow your lawn.
by dee-jay elle April 21, 2004
18 12
Phrase used by a person when they don't want to hang out with another person. Basically an excuse to get out of something. Ends up meaning that you'll:

o1.) Never see them again.
o2.) Ignore them from now on.
Ugly guy: "Hi. Do you wanna go out with me?"
Pretty girl: "Umm.. *pity look* sure.. maybe we should do something sometime.."
by dee-jay elle April 21, 2004
6 2
I'm ready for anything you throw at me ; let's get it on!
Coach: "Alright, we're against the Cubs!"
Player: "I am game, coach!"
by dee-jay elle April 22, 2004
15 13