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a subset of what has been dubbed "underground hip-hop". music that fits this category must contain original and experimental qualities that aren't always excepted well by hip-hop heads.
Busdriver's on some original shit, but sometimes it's too far out there for me.

Yea, he does that avant garde hip-hop thing.
by dee eye zee May 24, 2005
n. A Chicagoland slang for mid-grade marijuana. It is often concidered as "failed" dank and should contain minimal seed count. The name refers to the amount for it is sold for: 30 dollars an eighth or 60 dollars a quarter.
Hey Jeremy, what'd you pick up this week?

Just an ounce of the thirty-sixities.
by dee eye zee May 25, 2005
Refers to an act of grafitti art. To use two or more spraycan colors to fill-in an outline of text on public property.
Did you end up going out to graff last night?

Yea, I did a fill-in under the bridge, you should check it out.
by dee eye zee May 24, 2005
a fairly new concept in music that mimics the idea of a montage in film. these recordings can contain selected portions of other artists music (or any other recording at all). these clips are then assembled by hacking them together with a two channel track editor and is then narrated over by the editor.

may also be viewed as a variant of a mix tape
I was listening to Krow Mag the other day...what's that guy all about, does he think he's a rapper?

No, he does that audio collage thing. Think of it more like a narration over a mixtape.
by dee eye zee May 24, 2005
a verb used to describe the act of wandering around aimlessly with a group of friends.
Hey dude, I'm bored as hell, whatcha wanna do?

I guess we could just bumble around downtown until later.
by dee eye zee April 17, 2006
someone who is ignorant to the social courtesies of public movement. consequently, they stifle the mobility of thinking humans by becoming an obstacle which must be negotiated. they can be identified by their despondent facial expressions and wide-open mouths .
Man, I wish these mouthbreathers would get out of my f**king way! I hate people who don't pay attention to where they are going.
by dee eye zee December 20, 2008
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