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1. Phrase to describe something that is hot. Really hot.

2. Reference to a night club fire that "Great White" started. Christ, they killed a 100 people; that's over half their fans. I'm sure some of the people went there just to get drunk and laugh at the fat metal singers from the 80's, but they ended up dying too.

3. A way to end your way to end your "career."

4. Used to describe a big disaster that should have been avoided if someone, I don't care who, had used a bit of common sense to forsee cause and effect in a given circumstance. Kind of like when one of your friend's says "hey, check this out" and ends up hurting themselves trying to do something cool.
Mel Gibson's new movie is hotter than a "Great White" show.
by dedsqwirl December 10, 2004

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